Geraughty & Armen Stutzman & Picton
WINNING SMILE – Pat Geraghty become the first entrant ever to win an autocross class and a rally class in National Road Rally history, teaming with Tom Armentrout to win the overall title in the Highland Fling Rally. TRIATHLON WINNERS – Veteran vintage sports car campaigners Bruce Stutzman and Len Picton teamed up to win the Cumberland Historics Triathlong title combining rally, autcross and concours points.


The 2006 National Road Rally, designed by veteran Branded Rally Club of Maryland and SCCA-WDC Rallymaster Eric Bloom, was a 135-mile Monte Carlo style rally through the rural roads of West Virginia and Maryland.aptly named the Highland Fling. Chris Bean from Branded/SCCA served as Course Marshall and Pre-Runner.

This year's event included over 70 possible controls, keeping teams on their toes. Of these controls, 22 were manned by timing crews which resulted in a strong challenge for even the best of teams.

The overall winners of this year's event, driver Patrick Geraghty and navigator Thomas Armentrout, are a local team who won the Novice Class in last year’s National Road Rally. In second overall and first place in Stock Class was the team of Roger and Greg Nagy. Third place overall was the team of Eric Salminen and Alex Ollermann.

Both these teams have previously won the National Road Rally. In fourth place overall and first in Novice Class (and also receiving a trophy for their finish) was the team of Jim Shultz and Adrianne Moffett. All these teams did very well, averaging 7 seconds or less off the perfect time at each control all day.

Bruce Stutzman and Len Picton, in Stutzman’s classic British Racing Green TR4 earned the second annual NRR Vintage Triathlon trophy for their combined performance in the Cumberland Historics Time Trial, Concours and the National Road Rally.

We want to thank everyone for participating, and hope to see you all in 2007!

Car # Driver/Navigator Total Points
1S Roger Nagy/Greg Nagy 160
3S Bruce Stutzman/Len Picton 415
4S Eric SalminenAlex Ollerman 205
6S Gregg Frase/Earnie Kesner 425
7N Rob Zembower/ Brendon Kienhofer 347
8N Patrick Geraghty/ Thomas Armentrout 124
9S Justin Tippen/ Steve Bonner 407
10N Buddy Holmes/ Joe Lyden 295
11N Jim Shultz/ Adrienne Moffett 260
12S Steve Hotchkiss/ Tim Pegg 461
13N Pete Nelson/Vince Lupo 492

Shultz & Moffett Nagy & Nagy
NOVICE CHAMPS – Jim Shultz and Adrienne Moffett (right) accept Novice Class honors from Rally Master Doug Macy (left) and Highlands Fling course designer Eric Bloom. NAGY TRADITION – Greg and Roger Nagy captured second place overall. Greg was already a two-time winner having scored first place finishes in two of the previous four National Road Rally events.

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