Bob Williams Great Pumpkin KC Strawmyre
GREAT PUMPKIN - Bob Williams, in his first Cumberland appearance, was a crowd favorite in this immaculate 1972 Carrera RSR resto-mod. GENIUNE GM – KC Strawmyre ran hard in his rare vintage 1962 Corvette, a factory raced original from Calitfornia.


WILEY FORD, WV – Matt Felten, in his second year driving the 220.Com Reynard-Ford, has been a regular in the Top Five at Miller Lite Cumberland Airport Autocross Series events since mid season last year...but more bridesmaid than bride when it comes to claming Fast Time of the Day. That all changed on Cumberland Historics weekend.

On Saturday, the Felten unseated Greg Honeycutt (BM Renard FS) from the top spot by .322 seconds over a field thinned by the Historics time trial held earlier in the day. Pumpkin Carve Autocross FTD Derek Schwarz (ASP Porsche 993) was third, followed by two drivers making their first appearance in the Top 5, Pittsburgh’s Rob Harris (SS Corvette ZO6) and Tink Phillips (BP Factory Five Daytona).

On Sunday, the field was back to full force, but the younger Felten was up to the task, edging veteran Stan Vann (CM Caldwell-Ford) by a scant .009 seconds. Honeycutt was third, followed by Bob Williams’ wild 1972 911 RSR and father John Felten also in the family Reynard.

Alan Ponzer (DS Acura Integra) continued his strong Cumberland performances winning the overall PAX title both days. PAX is a classification system that measure relative performances based on a national data base of results between classes.

Double winners in contested classes included Harris in SS, Connie Fournier (AS Corvette), Pozner in DS, Randall Shearer (ES Miata), Rob Robeson (HS Dodge Stratus), Ned Barefoot (BSP Corvette), Mike Moran (DSP Impreza), Jeff Isreal (STX VW Golf) and Karl Loper (SM Camaro).

Local one day contested class winners included John Waugaman (CS Miata), Andy Lindner (GS Dodge Stealth), Phillips in BP, Matt Felten in BM, Bill Smith IV (EM Porsche), Sean Pfeiffer (DM Porsche Saturday), Mark Boggs (DM Porsche Sunday) and Pat Geraghty (STT BMW).

Local racers in the Saturday Top 25 included John Felten 6th, Loper 8th, Colt Ruby 11th(BP Corvette), Steve Wilson 17th (ASP Porsche) and Mike McCagh 22nd (SM2 Corvette), Local Sunday Top 25 finishers included Phillips 11th, Loper 13th, Wilson 18th, Pete Harrison 20th, (AS Honda), McCagh 24th and Ken Bane 25th (SM Mustang).

Registration is now open for the July Mountain State Classic Autocross and can be downloaded by clicking here.


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Wade Chamberlain Thomas Dick's MGA
KING COBRA – Wade Chamberlain continued his string of strong Cumberland performances, splitting BP honors with Tink Phillips. HISTORY LIVES – Thomas Dick brought his MGA to a Cumberland autocross for the first time, fresh from a vintage track event in New Hampshire.

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